Ken Bruen's GREEN HELL a Publishers Weekly Pick

Publishers Weekly picked Ken Bruen's Green Hell as a Book of the Week!

Here's what they had to say:

American Rhodes scholar Boru Kennedy, who narrates much of Shamus Award–winner Bruen’s sketchy 11th Jack Taylor novel (after 2013’s Purgatory), has come to Galway to write a treatise on Samuel Beckett. When muggers start kicking in Boru’s teeth, Jack comes to the rescue, and Boru’s interest shifts to the brooding former member of the Garda, the Irish national police, as a subject of study. Boru becomes Jack’s Boswell, involved in his effort to take down a Galway university professor who’s getting away with violent crimes. About half the book consists of Jack’s trademark reveries on rage and drinking, his comments on binge-watching TV crime shows, and name-dropping mystery writers. In one metafictional scene, Jack buys an unnamed Ken Bruen a drink in a bar.

Green Hell, published by Mysterious Press, is available from The Mysterious Bookshop, and much of Bruen's backlist is available as eBooks from Visit his author page here

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