James Grady interviewed by 'Kiss and Thrill'

MysteriousPress.com author James Grady has a fantastic interview up with Diana Belchase at Kiss and Thrill. Here's an excerpt: 

Diana: You hit the best seller list the first time out of the gate with Six Days of the Condor. How did success impact on you as a young writer? If you had to do it all over again and could choose, would you want success at such an early stage or would it have been better a little later on? Did you understand what an incredible, lotto-winning miracle, that kind of success was at that time?

James: Condor swept me up like the tornado in The Wizard Of Oz. Living in a Montana shack, I knew how incredibly lucky I was. My major fear was that I would blow or betray my luck. Condor gave me a chance to do what I always wanted – write and publish fiction – plus I didn’t want to be some kind of footnote burn-out jerk. After Condor, I worked as a U.S. Senate aide and a muckraking reporter making far less than my fiction work because I wanted to use my life to do more, learn more. I lived like a blue-jeaned grad student, worked as hard and as fast as I could, 12 hour days. I think success so early let me grow into being the kind of writer who – I hope – has earned it. Of course, now I’d love another tornado like that one!

Click over to Kiss and Thrill to read the entire interview. 

Then check out Grady's author page, which includes links to his books, as well as an exclusive video profile. 

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