Interview with Otto Penzler at Criminal Element

Criminal Element just posted an interview with publisher Otto Penzler, where he discusses his new venture with this website, as well as authors like Ross Thomas, Donald E. Westlake, James Ellory, Thomas H. Cook, and Charles McCarry

And as always, Penzler is nothing if not candid: 

I don’t own a Kindle or Nook or iPhone or anything technical beyond my 25-year-old television. There’s a cell phone around here someplace, but I have no idea where. I read real books. Yes, I think ebooks will ruin (no, let me rephrase that—have already ruined) many bookstores, and more will die because of them. Still, I can’t help but recognize that they are terrific in terms of affordability and accessibility.

Follow the link for the full piece: 'Otto Penzler and I, or Hopeful Luddites Talk Digital' by Lyndsay Faye

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