Happy publication day to Mary Anne Kelly for TWILLYWEED!

Cheers to Mary Anne Kelly—her new Claire Breslinsky book, Twillyweed, comes out today!

Searching for her birth mother, an Irish girl comes to Long Island and stumbles upon a terrible secret

One of the first things Claire Breslinsky loved about Johnny was that he never even glanced at her sister. Carmela had always been the glamorous one, but Johnny only had eyes for Claire—the frazzled, world-traveling photographer who solved mysteries in her spare time. Only when their marriage fell apart did Claire learn that Johnny avoided Carmela because they’d had a clandestine fling in high school. When Carmela discovered she was pregnant, she fled to Ireland, where she left her daughter to be raised by her eccentric spinster aunts. Now Johnny is gone forever—but Claire’s niece is coming home.

Jenny Rose Cashin arrives from Ireland to take a job as an au pair in a fading Long Island resort town, hoping to reconnect with her long-lost mother. But something evil lurks in the quiet beachside residences of Sea Cliff. There is a killer on the grounds of this strange art colony, and Jenny Rose will need all the help she can get from her aunt Claire to uncover the truth—and stay alive.

Want to read an interview with Mary Anne? Check it out. Here's an excerpt: 

FYNTR: Why did you choose to set Claire’s story in Queens, New York. Did your personal ties to Queens influence your decision in choosing this setting?

MAK: Yes. Although I couldn’t get out of Queens fast enough as a teenager; once I’d traveled round the world and returned, I saw the place with different eyes: saw the charm as well as the boringness. Forest Park, a luxurious and sometimes creepy virgin wood, played a big part in Park Lane South, Queens. I remember seeing the carousel in the woods for the first time after many years and how eerie it seemed to me. Wonderful and mysterious.

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