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Lyndsay Faye is an actor and an author of mysteries. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, she spent several years acting professionally in the Bay Area, finding a particular niche in period roles, and growing surprisingly comfortable in a whalebone corset. In 2005 Faye moved to New York City, where she put her acting career on hold and began writing fiction. Her first novel, Dust and Shadow (2009), draws on her experience with Victorian culture to portray the Jack the Ripper killings through the eyes of Arthur Conan Doyle's Dr. Watson.

While living in New York, Faye became interested in the rough-and-tumble early history of the city's police department. The Gods of Gotham (2012) and Seven for a Secret (2013) both star ex-bartender Timothy Wilde, a man as tough as the city streets. Faye lives and writes in New York and is currently working on the third Timothy Wilde novel. You can find her website here

"Lyndsay Faye is a superstar-caliber writer." -Matthew Pearl, bestselling author of The Dante Club
"A wonderful book. Lyndsay Faye's command of historical detail is remarkable. . . . I bought into this world in the opening pages and never once had the desire to leave." -Michael Connelly on The Gods of Gotham

"Intriguingly complex yet deliciously smooth, The Gods of Gotham is, in a word, stunning." -Laurie R. King, author of The God of the Hive and The Beekeeper's Apprentice

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