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Aliases: Keith Peterson

Andrew Klavan, credit Meredith W. Walter

Andrew Klavan (b. 1954) is a highly successful author of thrillers and hard-boiled mysteries. Born in New York City, Klavan was raised on Long Island and attended college at UC Berkeley. He published his first novel, Face of the Earth, in 1977, and continued writing mysteries throughout the eighties, finding critical recognition when The Rain (1988) won an Edgar Award for best new paperback.

Besides his crime fiction, Klavan has distinguished himself as an author of supernatural thrillers, most notably Don’t Say A Word (1991), which was made into a film starring Michael Douglas. He has two ongoing series: Weiss and Bishop, a private-eye duo who made their debut in Dynamite Road (2003), and The Homelanders, a young adult series about teenagers who fight radical Islam. Besides his fiction, Klavan writes regular opinion pieces for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other national publications. He lives in Southern California. You can find his website at this link

“This author at his best bows to no one for whiplash plotting and page-whirling suspense.” - Publishers Weekly

“Klavan’s style is hard, unflinching, with a wide seam of whiplash humor running through it that sets him well apart from your regular, journeyman writer.” - Publishing Weekly (UK)

“Klavan constantly finds the unexpected opening. He lands every blow and never from where it’s expected.” - Arizona Daily Star

“[Klavan] delivers all the cliff-hangers and hairpin turns that you want from a beat-the-clock suspense thriller. But his characters are so deeply human that there is nothing cheap or manipulative about their desperate maneuvers to escape the relentless second hand of fate.” - New York Times Book Review

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